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About Us

Susanto Insurance Agency is a firm that works with the community. Our clients are not only customers, but also a part of our family. We are committed to smoothing out the speed bumps on your road to success. At our agency, there is no dream too great that you cannot reach. We know that sometimes dreams may seem impossible, however, we make sure that you have the proper support to make those dreams a reality. 

Our Services

“Securing Your Future with Reliable Insurance Services”

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance helps you to protect you and your family against financial loss in the event of an accident or other cause of loss.

Home and Renters

Protect the most important investment you have.  Let us review your current policy to make sure you have no gaps in coverage.

Life Insurance

What would happen to your family if the unfortunate were to happen to you? Help us qualify you so your loved ones are protected.

Business Insurance

You can’t afford to have your business interrupted. Let us make sure you have the proper coverage so business will always continue.

Worker Compensation

Your employees are your most important business asset. We want to make sure they the right care should they get injured at work.

Surety Bonds

Don’t lose business because your license is suspended or you can’t secure a bid bond.  Let us help you qualify for your next big project.

Why Choose Our Agency?

For Expert Guidance and Personalized Service.

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Trusted Insurance Carriers
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Transparent and Honesty
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wide Range of Options

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For your convenience, you can call, text or e-mail us.

Let Us Review

Even if you’re not our client, let us review your policies to make sure there’s no gap.


“What Our Clients Say About Us”

Kevin Scoggins
Kevin Scoggins
I was struggling business owner and have been blessed to have Mr Susanto help me become more organized professional and successful in my trade. The hours he has put in to helping me out with tough situations of paperwork and business deals regarding the lowest insurance coverage are priceless. If you need someone who is a leader and can help you boost your company to the next level this is the company and he is the man give him a call and spread the word.
Antonio Gates
Antonio Gates
This is the best and affordable insurance agency
Alma Pizano
Alma Pizano
Richard is amazing! He helped me with all of my families life insurance. He gave me options and gave me a better understanding of what was the best coverage for us. Recommend him for all your insurance needs.
Diana Pinzon
Diana Pinzon
Richard and team are very knowledgeable, professional and always a pleasure to work with.